2012 Bismarck earthquake


12:03 AM; January 1, 2012


5.4 (Richter scale)


5.2 miles (8.3 km)


46° 48′ 48.04″ N, 100° 46′ 44.41″ W

Countries/Regions affected:

United States




3 reported

The 2012 Bismarck earthquake was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake that occured in Bismarck, North Dakota on New Year's Day, 2012, at 12:03 AM local time. The first and weakest in a series of notable earthquakes that occurred in 2012, the Bismarck earthquake caused minimal damage to the city, with only minor damage being reported to the state capitol building. The only casualties resulted from the quake, the lowest of the year, happened when a car crashed through a dormant construction site barrier at the corner of 4th Ave. and 12th St. and into a natural gas line, detonating it. This instantly killed all three occupants and injured several pedestrians. Damage reached only about $1 million total, and the region had recovered by early February.

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