2012 Nuuk earthquake


8:18 AM; February 28, 2012


7.4 (Richter scale)


5.7 miles (9.2 km)


64° 10′ 0″ N, 51° 44′ 0″ W

Countries/Regions affected:






The 2012 Nuuk earthquake was a 7.4 earthquake that stuck and annihilated Greenland's (former) capital of Nuuk on February 28, 2012, at 8:18 AM local time. Damage was catastrophic, especially when the quake totally destroyed the Nuuk Airport, destroying the country's only semi-major airport, and severing it's air travel to Canada and Iceland permanently. Greenland's government lost control over the Nuuk area, leaving the remaining people who survived the quake in the city to descend into anarchy, causing Greeland to relocate its capital to an unsettled area northwest of Kitsigsut, making it their new capital. It was built with a much more modern look, with a true capitol building and downtown skyscrapers covered in glass, and with a much greater seismic resistance than Nuuk, with the buildings now able to resist an 8.2 on the Richter scale. The quake caused the collapse of the West Greenland Ice Sheet by March, which forced global sea temperatures to rise through thermal expansion of the ocean water, providing fuel for the prolific and powerful tropical cyclones that swept coastlines around the world that year - these effects, plus the melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet from a series of volcanic eruptions in December 2012 forced global SSTs to remain at abnormally high levels (not as high as 2012) for the next 100 years or so.