2012 Orlando earthquake


1:15 PM; February 17, 2012


6.2 (Richter scale)


7.6 miles (12.2 km)


28° 32′ 1″ N, 81° 22′ 33″ W

Countries/Regions affected:

United States





The 2012 Orlando earthquake was a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the city of Orlando, Florida on February 17, 2012, at 1:15 AM local time. Its most visible effect on Orlando was the extreme expansion of the sinkhole that Lake Eola filled, heavy damage to downtown, Winter Park, and outlying suburbs.


The expansion was first noticed by residents of South Eola, who reported large seiches crashing against the lake shores and washing over the Lake Eola Fountain. It was next seen by residents of the Eola Park Center on the lake's northwest shore, who noticed a small fissure working its way through their parking lot, and a series of several small whirlpools that developed all around the lake's shores. When the fissure on the northwest shore ruptured, it reached as far as the intersection of North Rosalind Ave. and East Robinson St. The collapse of the former shoreline quickly consumed most of South Eola, a large chunk of North Eola Dr., North Rosalind Ave., East Robinson St., and East Washington St. It also forced the permanent closure of East Pine St. and Magnolia Ave, for fear of further collapse of the sinkhole.

Another major event was the shutdown of Cape Canaveral for damage inspection and the delay of Shuttle Endeavor's final flight for two and a half months.

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