The Alternity universe is the universe or 'reality' in which all events of the Alternity novel series takes place. The first major PoD takes place in November 1776, when Jonathan Eddy's militia force wins the Battle of Fort Cumberland, thanks largely due to an accident which overtook the messenger delivering word of the attack on the fort to British colonial authorities at Halifax, paving the way for a series of anti-British uprisings across the region, including Prince Edward Island (aided by exiled French Acadians). But, with fighting in the region locked into a stalemate until 1781, Britain includes Nova Scotia, PEI, and Quebec south of the St. Lawrence River in the territory ceded to the USA in the 1783 Treaty of Paris. The second divergence point from OTL takes place during the War of 1812, when Lt. General Gordon Drummond is killed in the Battle of Lundy's Lane, and the British fail to prevent American troops from sweeping across Southwestern Ontario and Upper Canada. The Treaty of Ghent is signed in January 1815 and resolves the issues of conquered Canadian territory by giving back much of Upper Canada to Britain, with the exception of Southwestern Ontario, which becomes the US state of Erie by 1843. Further divergences include the US control of Vancouver Island after the Oregon Treaty in 1846 (when President Polk is pressed by hard-liners to acquire further territory), and control of Baja California as well as a portion of Sonora as far south as the village of Caborca after the Baja/Gadsden Purchase of 1853. Other notable events include World War II (1938-1946), the Canadian Civil War (1957-1963), the Arctic Wars (1967-Present), the Great Australian War (1973-1986), and the Indonesian War (1973-1979).

Also of note is the existence (or non-existence) of islands and lakes that have long disappeared from OTL, e.g. Kerguelen microcontinent (Republic of Kerguelen) in the Indian Ocean, the Zealandia microcontinent (New Zealand) in the South Pacific, New England Seamounts (New England Islands) off the US East Coast, Kodiak-Bowie Seamounts (Kodiak Islands) in the Gulf of Alaska, no Sea of Azov (Azov Valley) in Eurasia, a lake-filled Qattara Depression (Lake Qattara) in Egypt, West Siberian Glacial Lake (Lake Altai) in Russia, larger and constant groundwater-refilled Lake Chad, the Serranilla Islands southwest of Jamaica, and Lake Bonneville in the Utah Desert of the United States. In addition is a far more temperate climate in Greenland, resulting in a far larger population, but a more ice-locked Arctic Coast of Russia. Greenland is also considered a separate continent, located on the Greenland Tectonic Plate and separated from North America by Baffin Bay and the Baffin Trench (the latter of which forms the eastern boundary of the plate, passing beneath the Nares Strait that runs between Greenland and Canada's Ellesmere Island).

As well, another divergence from both the real world and Mercury Rising is that Nikola Tesla's lab on 5th Avenue in NYC survives the fire of 1895 and mostly if not directly contributes to a massive technology leap of twenty years, with the first cellular networks emerging as early as 1959, the first analog cell phone that same year (both in Japan), the first walkie talkie in 1920, digital networks by 1969, first flip phone in 1970, first 'smartphone' in 1976, NCD (nano-cancer disintegration) therapy introduced in 1978, NCD-derived accelerated healing techniques in 1980 as well as cures for most viral and bacterial infections in 1986, first true smartphone in 1985 (first to be labeled as such), first 3G networks in 1988, mass produced flexi and tranparent OLED displays by 1989, and the first 4G networks by 1997.

The World of Alternity

Alternity World, 1997

Twenty Largest/Most Populous Nations

Rank Name Capital Largest City Population
1 Republic of India New Delhi Bombay 1,162,300,000
2 Qing Imperial China Wuhan Shanghai 1,144,000,000
3 United States of America Washington, DC New York City 360,319,000
4 Coastal African Republic Monrovia Abidjan 266,445,000
5 Philippine Empire Manila Saigon 244,765,000
6 United States of South Africa Lusaka Johannesburg 207,550,000
7 Republic of Brazil Brasília Rio de Janeiro 189,456,000
8 Russian Federation Moscow St. Petersburg 139,830,000
9 Federation of West Australia Perth Jakarta 136,780,000
10 Japan Tokyo Tokyo 127,892,000
11 Islamic Republic of Persia Tehran Baghdad 116,659,000
12 Republic of Indonesia Pedang Medan 114,786,000
13 Federal Republic of Mexico Mexico City Mexico City 110,909,000
14 Republic of Manchuria Hulun Qiqihar 107,350,000
15 Kingdom of Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mogadishu 94,767,000
16 Republic of Sindhustan Hyderabad Karachi 90,457,000
17 Federal Republic of Germany Berlin Berlin 80,886,000
18 Islamic Republic of West Punjab Lahore Lahore 80,400,000
19 Republic of Korea Haeju Seoul 77,691,000
20 Democratic Republic of Zaire Kinshasa Kinshasa 76,945,000

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