A chaos seizure is a type of seizure that is characterized by distorted or impaired sensory abilities (usually felt as lack of warmth), field of vision turning a dark orange color, flashes of images and symbols, high adrenaline levels, rapid pulse, profuse sweating, clammy skin, ringing or screeching noise in the ears, thrashing, fainting, and utterance of either incomprehensible gibberish or a foreign language. The only known person to be afflicted by this type of seizure is Simon Lynch, who suffered his first on February 1, 1999, and a second, minor one, six days later. The exact cause of chaos seizures are unknown, but it has been speculated that they are brought on by the instability of a mind like that of Simon Lynch's. The term was first coined by MIT professor Gerald Hackman in mid-November 1999 upon learning of the cause of Simon's then-current coma.

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