Chicago Neuropsychiatric Learning Center entrance

One of the the Learning Center's entrances.

The Chicago Neuropsychiatric Learning Center is a learning institution in Chicago for mentally impaired children that is attended by hundreds across the city with conditions such as autism or mental retardation. It is generally regarded for its high quality of care for its students, many of whom require constant care and supervision by their teachers. The Center's most well known student was Simon Lynch, who attended from March 1993 to February 1999, after which he left, citing his new lack of autism - which was the reason he attended in the first place. Simon's best friend there was one of his teachers, Dr. Samantha London, who gave him a copy of the July 1998 edition of World of Puzzles on June 5, knowing how much he liked to solve puzzles. On June 28, sixteen days after the death of NSA Division's Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow at the IBM Building, Simon was visited at the Center by Art Jeffries, an FBI special agent and his guardian throughout their entire ordeal with Kudrow and Division.

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