"Call Concordia, get an ambulance over here."
Art Jeffries talking with CPD's Jack Nichols after finding Simon Lynch.
Art enters Concordia Pediatrics

Art Jeffries enters the Pediatrics wing of the hospital in search of Simon Lynch.

Chicago Concordia Hospital, better known as Concordia Hospital or simply Concordia is a medical center located in Chicago. On June 7, 1998, nine year-old autistic Simon Lynch was brought to the hospital after he was discovered hiding in his closet crawl space at his home - 2144 West 23rd Street - by FBI special agent Art Jeffries. Lynch had sought refuge there after NSA Division agent and assassin Peter Burrell killed his parents, Martin and Jenny Lynch. A hospital ambulance was dispatched to the Lynch home and transported Simon as well as Jeffries to the hospital, but during the transport Simon flailed and struggled so much that a medic had to restrain him for his own safety. Once at the hospital, a nurse was forced to sedate a still-restrained Simon in the hospital's isolation wing and after which she gave the stupefied Jeffries a brief 'crash-course' on autism - and why he couldn't question the terrified boy. Late that evening, Jeffries returned to the hospital to find the police guard placed on Simon gone and Simon himself transferred up to the Pediatrics wing on the 11th floor. He was misdirected by Peter Burrell, who was posing as a doctor, down to X-ray in Radiology on the 7th floor so that he (Burrell) could find Simon first - the boy had gone missing from his assigned room. Once Jeffries discovered the ruse, he raced back up to Pediatrics even as Burrell searched in all the rooms down that hallway, actually missing Simon in one of the rooms that he searched. Jeffries discovered the boy first and the two managed to avoid the zealous Burrell after a brief gunfight in the hospital lobby, at which point Jeffries stole a hospital ambulance in order to escape. He would later crash the ambulance on the Kennedy Expressway near O'Hare while again attempting to elude Burrell and another Division agent, Shayes. Concordia is also where Simon and his older brother Peter were born in 1989 and 1985 respectively.

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