Emily Lang
Emily finds Leo dead
Emily finds Leo dead in his apartment the morning of June 10, 1998.

Full Name:

Emily Julia Lang


July 20, 1967 (Age 32)







Portrayed by:

Carrie Preston

Emily Julia Lang, usually referred to as just Emily, is the lead cryptographer for the National Security Agency's reformed Division sector, former girlfriend of the deceased Leo Pedranski, and friend of the also-deceased Dean Crandell. Upon learning of Leo's call from Simon Lynch, Emily tried to cheer her boyfriend with jokes about Kudrow, but to little avail, especially after Kudrow's orders to kill Lynch. She gave Leo the idea of using an old typewriter to make out the letters he planned to send to disgraced FBI agent Art Jeffries and the Senate Oversight Committee, ones that would reveal the crimes against Simon Lynch committed by Kudrow. Early on June 10, 1998, after riding her bike to Leo's apartment in Washington, D.C., Emily discovered her boyfriend dead on the floor, killed by Peter Burrell in the dark hours of that morning. Emily managed to discover the carbon paper Leo had used to type the letters - in the wastebasket under Leo's desk - something Burrell had fortunately ignored, and delivered them to Jeffries and local A-SAC Tommy Jordan in Chicago the next day (June 11). Her actions helped to convince Chicago SAC Joe Lomax of Jeffries' innocence and Kudrow's crimes against Simon, ultimately resulting in Kudrow's death the evening of June 12, 1998. Two months later, Emily was reassigned as head cryptographer of Division, which had been taken over and reorganized by the NSA, with any Kudrow or Donaldson sympathizers being weeded out of the sector.








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