False Crimes






Season 1

Original Airdate:

May 21, 1999

Written by:

Peter Horosz

Directed by:



Kevin Conway as Joe Lomax
Sean Murray as Kollin Redar
Robert Costanzo as Angelo Breem
John Ericson as John Burrell
Joshua Jackson as Andrew Ridd
Don Franklin as JJ Felton
Robin Riker as Sophie Rogers
Chad Allen as Steven Rogers
Kevin Chevalia as Jamie Rogers
Michael Weatherly as Jameson

Preceded by:

Crash and Burn

Succeeded by:


False Crimes is the eleventh episode of the first season of Mercury Rising: The Series.


An explosion at Meigs Field destroys its main hangar and puts Agent Kollin Redar in a coma. Angelo Breem of the US Marshal believes that Jeffries and Simon are responsible, and after escaping police custody, the two disguise themselves and change their lives to avoid punishment for a crime that they didn't commit...


The Series: Season 1 The Series
Episodes: "Simon is NOT Home""Long Lost""Nerd or Hacker?""MERCURY 2000""Split""Terror in the Sky""Death Doesn't Take a Holiday""The "L" Plan, Part 1"
"The "L" Plan, Part 2""Crash and Burn""False Crimes""Interruption""Rogatum""Regrets""The Fall""A Big Puzzle, Part 1"

Characters: Art JeffriesSimon LynchTommy JordanPeter LynchStacey SiebringRobert DonaldsonJames Striker

Recurring: Joe LomaxRukaskiRob LomaxJohn BurrellAndrew RiddWill PattersonJesse LynchJake LynchChas OhlmeyerTJ JordanMike JamesDana Jordan
Angelo Breem

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