A hitman is a person hired to kill another person, generally a high-ranking official or wealthy businessman, but they are known to target anyone, if paid enough money. They are generally associated with organized crime, such as the Mob, though some have been known to work for government agencies, in the cases of Peter Burrell and Shayes, who were actually agents of the NSA's Division department. Burrell and Shayes were ordered by Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow - commander of Division - to kill then-nine year-old Simon Lynch in June 1998. On June 7, Burrell arrived at 2144 West 23rd Street, Simon's home in Chicago, under the guise of a Chicago Police detective, killing the boy's parents Martin and Jenny Lynch while searching their home, because they had "...just got in the way" of Burrell's assignment - to find, interrogate, and kill Simon. That night, Burrell again went after Simon, now as a doctor at Concordia Hospital, but his attempt to hunt down and kill the boy there was thwarted by disgraced FBI Special Agent Art Jeffries, who "kidnapped" Simon in order to protect him from the zealous Burrell. Hours later, Shayes continued Burrell's assignment by boarding the O'Hare "L" Blue Line, which Simon and Jeffries had been on for nearly an hour, after narrowly being run-over by the train while fleeing from a one-sided gun battle with Burrell on the adjoining Kennedy Expressway. Shayes was killed by Jeffries after a brief, yet bloody fistfight between the train cars, with Jeffries gaining the upper hand and throwing Shayes onto the opposite tracks just before another train passed by.

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