"...HaAR... That’s short for Hyper-active Adrenaline Response. An extremely traumatic event that causes a heightened state of nervousness can trigger this massive release of adrenaline, but it’s quite rare: only a couple hundred cases are diagnosed and treated in the US every year."
—Unnamed female EMT diagnosing Simon Lynch

Hyper-active Adrenaline Response, often abbreviated HaAR, is a massive release of adrenaline throughout the human body, typically following or usually triggered by a traumatic event. It is an extremely rare condition, with only a couple hundred or so cases diagnosed in the United States each year. It is typically characterized by a rapid pulse, clammy skin, and profuse amounts of sweat, while occasional muscular tremors sometimes occur, but only in the most severe and rarest of cases. On February 7, 1999, Simon Lynch was diagnosed by an unnamed female EMT with the condition after a battle between FBI SWAT and a Zero Section strike team at 2552 J Street in Chicago. The belief was he had been traumatized by multiple gunshots into his room on the second floor, yet it was merely another symptom of his already degrading mental condition brought on by the original MERCURY code. (S1 - Simon is NOT Home)

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