Jenny Lynch

Full Name:

Jennifer Simmons Lynch


May 1958




Robert Simmons, Sr.
Laura Simmons


Robert Simmons, Jr.


Peter Lynch
Simon Lynch
Benjamin Lynch


Martin Lynch

Portrayed by:

N/A; Novel character

Jenny Lynch is the daughter of Robert Simmons, Sr., and Laura Simmons, wife of Martin Lynch, and mother of Peter, Simon, and Benjamin Lynch. Having just finished watching the morning news, she was washing her and Martin's breakfast dishes on June 6, 1997, when Simon was killed by assassin and sniper Andrew Striker. As Jenny would later describe in her statement to CPD, "We heard a sharp report, the distinct crack of a gunshot. Both me and my husband thought it was outside at first. But then I heard my Simon, my poor baby Simon, wail and scream right after the shot, as if in pain, and then a split second later there was this, this thud - this dull, ominous thud, and... and from that moment on, I knew something terrible had happened."

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