Kiwi (code)

Agency affiliation:



Highly Advanced; Top-secret




Leo Pedanski
Craig Dean
Vikram Patel

First Introduced:

November 1, 1996


Deciphered by Simon Lynch; invalidated in March 1997


$10 billion

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:


Kiwi was a highly advanced, and super top-secret government code that sparked a conflict between the NSA's Department Z and Art Jefferson of the FBI in February of 1997. Jefferson defended the sixteen year-old autistic savant Simon Lynch from assassination by G. Nicholas Kudrow of the NSA, who sent ex-Marine Mike Bell to kill Simon and his parents, Martin and Jean Lynch. Bell succeeded in killing Simon's parents, and attempted to extract information from Simon about the code by beating him before Martin managed to lure Bell downstairs, where he shot him six times before finally dying, thus saving Simon.

The Code

This is a sample of a page of Kiwi ciphertext from the issue of The Tinkery given to Simon Lynch by Chas Ohlmeyer in February 1997:

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