Leadership, Part 3






Season 3

Original Airdate:

July 7, 2000

Written by:

Peter Horosz

Directed by:



Kevin Conway as Joe Lomax
Michael Weatherly as Conner Jameson
James Morrison as Rob Lomax
Harvey Keitel as Jason Lomax
Sean Murray as Kollin Redar
TBA as Lyson
Michael Des Barres as Senator Richards
Joshua Jackson as Andrew Ridd
John Ericson as John Burrell
TBA as Brent White

Preceded by:

Leadership, Part 2

Succeeded by:

Leadership, Part 4

Leadership, Part 3 is the first episode of the third season of Mercury Rising: The Series and the third episode of the Leadership storyline.


Simon's deployment to the Zero Section facility where Peter is being held goes awry when he is trapped by a mudslide and encounters a lone soldier under orders from Donaldson. Meanwhile, Jameson is forced to explain where his true loyalty now lies, but Jeffries and Tommy are understandably skeptical of his change of heart.


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