Legends: Season 1

No. of Episodes:


Main Characters:

Andrew Ridd
Charlie Daniels
Kaitlyn Flannigan
Josh Russell
Warren Iverson
T.M. Fisher

First Episode:


Final Episode:

Firestorm, Part 1

Pilot Airdate:

March 4, 2005

Finale Airdate:

July 24, 2005

DVD Release Date(s):

September 2, 2005 (US)

Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: Unknowns

Succeeded by:

Legends: Season 2

Legends: Season 1 is the first season of Mercury Rising: Legends.


  • 1x01 - Legends - Thirteen year-old Asperger savant Charlie Daniels stumbles upon a secret NSA facility in Brooklyn and is forced to join with them to find his abducted mother.
  • 1x03 - North Cell - A car bomb kills ten in Greenwich Village, and a recently declassified file reveals the perpetrators as a domestic terror group calling themselves 'North Cell', led by a former Marine colonel named Philip Milligan, who may also be planning an attack that could cripple New York...
  • 1x05 -
  • 1x06 -
  • 1x07 -
  • 1x08 -
  • 1x12 -
  • 1x13 -
  • 1x14 -
  • 1x15 -

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