Liam James

Full Name:

Liam Oliver James


August 7, 1996




Mercury Rising: The Series (2004-05) - Joseph Lynch
Psych (2006-2010) - Young Shawn
Horsemen (2009) - Sean Breslin
2012 (2009) - Noah Curtis

Liam James is a Canadian child actor, one who mainly stars in TV shows and movies. One of James' most prominent roles was as Noah Curtis in Roland Emmerich's 2012. He 'portrays' Joseph Lynch in Mercury Rising: The Series in Seasons 7 and 8. Aside from 2012, he also starred in 2007's Alien vs. Predator and in a 2010 episode of J.J. Abrams' Fringe. Another role of his was in the American TV show Psych, of which he was in 60 episodes from 2006 to 2010.

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