'1÷=2' (episode)1999 Chicago earthquake2001 North African civil war (Alternity)
2011-12 South Atlantic hurricane season2012 (movie)2012 Al-Aydarus eruption
2012 Atlantic hurricane season2012 Bismarck earthquake2012 Bristol Channel earthquake
2012 Cascadia earthquake2012 Chicago earthquake2012 Dabbahu eruption and earthquake
2012 Freedom Seamount eruption2012 Las Vegas earthquake2012 Minneapolis-St. Paul earthquake
2012 Mount Lassen eruption2012 New York City earthquake2012 Nuuk earthquake
2012 Orlando earthquake2012 Reno earthquake2012 Sevier County nuclear attack
2012 Surtsey eruption2012 Tikal earthquake2012 Tokyo earthquake
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Children of the Eighth Hour, Part 1Children of the Eighth Hour, Part 2Children of the Eighth Hour, Part 3
Children of the Eighth Hour, Part 4ColoradoConcordia Hospital
Connect FourCrash and BurnCrawl space
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Dean CrandellDeath Doesn't Take a Holiday (episode)Decay
DivisionEarthEdgar Halstrom
Edwina SimmonsEmily LangErie (State) (Alternity)
Exhale (episode)False CrimesFederal Bureau of Investigation
FlashesFrancis BlakeGary Oldman
George SimmonsGrant TowerGreat Lakes seismic activity of 2012
Harold BeckerHeckler & KochHitman
Honor the Code...Hurricane Catarina (2004)Hurricane Estado
Hyper-active Adrenaline ResponseHypercane GordonIBM Building (Chicago)
IllinoisInsanity's EndInterruption
Isaac HalstromJack NicholsJake Lynch
James HalstromJames StrikerJenny Lynch
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List of U.S. states (Alternity)Long Lost (episode)MERCURY (code)
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Martin Lynch (Alternity)Mercury Falling (episode)Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising: 2003Mercury Rising: 2012Mercury Rising: 9/11
Mercury Rising: Apocalypse CodeMercury Rising: Changing TimesMercury Rising: Countdown
Mercury Rising: DoomsdayMercury Rising: Fatal SpiritMercury Rising: Final Stand
Mercury Rising: Full CircleMercury Rising: Infection - EarthMercury Rising: Keyscript
Mercury Rising: LegendsMercury Rising: Mediterranean IncursionMercury Rising: Mediterranean Unrest
Mercury Rising: Mediterranean UprisingMercury Rising: OccupationMercury Rising: Shockwave
Mercury Rising: The Continuing JourneyMercury Rising: The Eighth DayMercury Rising: The Martian Paradox
Mercury Rising: The Official Motion Picture SoundtrackMercury Rising: The SeriesMercury Rising: The Series - Special Episodes
Mercury Rising: The Series 2.0Mercury Rising: The Series Official Soundtrack 1Mercury Rising: Unknowns
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Simon Lynch, Boy CommandoSimon Lynch (Alternity)Simon is Going Home...
Simon is NOT HomeSimonovirusSimple Simon
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File:Kansas.pngFile:Kentucky.pngFile:Kluczynski Federal Building.png
File:Kudrow reads Pedranski Letter 2.pngFile:Kudrow speaks with Crandell and Pedranski.jpgFile:Kyle Siebring.png
File:Leo Pedranski.jpgFile:Leo speaking with Simon.pngFile:Lomax reads the Pedranski letters.jpg
File:Louisiana.pngFile:MERCURY R1SING (The Video Game) - 2005.pngFile:MR 2012.jpg
File:MR Apocalypse Code front cover.jpgFile:MR Changing Times.jpgFile:MR International Poster.jpg
File:MR Mediterranean Incursion.jpgFile:MR Mediterranean Unrest.jpgFile:MR Mediterranean Uprising.jpg
File:MR Occupation.jpgFile:MR The Continuing Journey.jpgFile:MR The Eighth Day front cover.jpg
File:MR World War III.jpgFile:Mandy Siebring.pngFile:Martin Lynch.png
File:Martin port.jpgFile:Martin rocking Simon to sleep.pngFile:Maryland.png
File:Massachusetts.pngFile:Mercury Rising 2 Poster.jpgFile:Mercury Rising 9-11 DVD cover.jpg
File:Mercury Rising 9-11 DVD label.jpgFile:Mercury Rising Blu-ray cover, 2010.jpgFile:Mercury Rising DVD Cover.jpg
File:Mercury Rising Poster.jpgFile:Mercury Rising Soundtrack cover.jpgFile:Mercury Rising The Series Seasons 1-3 main cast.png
File:Mercury Rising release poster.jpgFile:Michigan.pngFile:Miglin Beitler Skyneedle, Chicago.jpg
File:Miko Hughes, 1998.pngFile:Missouri.pngFile:Mount Lassen, CA.jpg
File:NSA Headquarters, Ft. Meade, MD.pngFile:NSA Seal.pngFile:Nevada.png
File:New Mexico.pngFile:New York.pngFile:North Carolina.png
File:North Dakota.pngFile:Now Kudrow knows....pngFile:Ohio.png
File:Oklahoma.pngFile:Original MERCURY in P99.pngFile:Pad arrival of Columbia, STS-1, 1981.jpg
File:Peter Lynch, 1997.pngFile:Peter Lynch port.jpgFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:Rock Creek Park meeting.pngFile:Ryne Douglas Pearson.jpgFile:Shayes searching train.png
File:Sidewalk meeting with Stacey.pngFile:Simon-MERCURY incident collage.pngFile:Simon - Pallor Incident - November 27, 1999.png
File:Simon Calls NSA, 3.jpgFile:Simon Lynch.pngFile:Simon and the phone - Pallor Incident - November 27, 1999.png
File:Simon closet crawl space.pngFile:Simon in Ohlmeyer's office, 1997.pngFile:Simon in Stacey's apartment.jpg
File:Simon on GEX Skydeck.pngFile:Simon port.jpgFile:Simon wanders onto the tracks.png
File:Simple Simon (book) cover.jpgFile:Simple Simon (book) hardcover.jpgFile:South Dakota.png
File:Space Elevator.jpgFile:Stacey nervous at 1st apt, 6-12-1998.pngFile:Stacey port.jpg
File:Striker port.jpgFile:TJ greeting Simon.pngFile:Tactical nuke test.jpg
File:Tennessee.pngFile:Texas.pngFile:The Illinois, 2017.jpg
File:The Martian Paradox.jpgFile:The Series.pngFile:The Series Season 1 DVD cover.jpg
File:Tommy and Simon in bar.pngFile:Tommy in Lomax's Office.jpgFile:Tommy in his office.jpg
File:Tommy port.jpgFile:Trust at last.pngFile:USA Flag.png
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