Season 2

Original Airdate:

November 5, 1999

Written by:

Peter Horosz

Directed by:



James Morrison as Rob Lomax
John Doman as John Hartley
David Conrad as Patterson
Joshua Jackson as Ridd
Mark Harmon as Charles Kline
Emily Deschanel as Laura Kline Johnson
Dale Midkiff as Richard Johnson

Preceded by:

A Big Puzzle, Part 2

Succeeded by:

Simon is Going Home...

Marked is the second episode of the second season of Mercury Rising: The Series.


While in Virginia with Tommy after shutting down Zero Section operations, Jeffries clashes with an old opponent, Hartley, over an FBI manhunt for Simon, while the boy himself is avoiding Zero Section's manhunt deep in the Appalachian wilderness after his harrowing escape.


The Series: Season 2 The Series
Episodes: "A Big Puzzle, Part 2""Marked""Simon is Going Home...""Verführen Hirn""Dangers of the Yukon""'1÷=2'""Lessons of Conscience""New Business, Part 1"
"New Business, Part 2""The Real Y2K""Troubled Darkness""All or None""A Choice""Flashes""Leadership, Part 1""Leadership, Part 2"

Main Characters: Simon LynchArt JeffriesStacey SiebringTommy JordanPeter LynchRobert DonaldsonJames StrikerJoe Lomax (credited as "also starring")

Recurring: RukaskiRob LomaxJohn BurrellAndrew RiddWill PattersonJesse LynchJake LynchChas OhlmeyerTJ JordanMike JamesDana Jordan
Angelo Breem

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