Mercury Rising: Fatal Spirit

Written by:

Peter Horosz


1st edition - June 1, 2002
2nd edition - March 12, 2003

Main Characters:

Simon Lynch
Art Jeffries
Peter Lynch
Gerald Hackman
The Voice

Set in:

July 2002



Preceded by:

The Series: Season 5
The Series: Season 6

Succeeded by:

Mercury Rising: 2003

Mercury Rising: Fatal Spirit is a novel, and a derivative of The Series.. It follows the efforts of Peter Lynch and Art Jeffries as they fight a two-prong fight against the Mob and a demon-possessed Simon, as well as Simon's battle in a netherworld against the forces of evil that possess him.

Plot Summary

In the summer of 2002, while fleeing the grasp of Mob boss Jerry Trivane, Simon is thrown into a deep coma by his first seizure in years, forcing him into intensive care at a hospital in Chicago. A protection detail is assigned to Simon, Art, and Peter, but when three of the detail are stabbed to death and Simon goes missing, Art and Peter begin to suspect Trivane. However, one of the guards, who was knocked unconscious, tells Art of what happened: that Simon killed the other three without effort. After a brief search, a fight ensues between Simon and Art, during which the terrifying truth is revealed - Simon has become the victim of demon possession. Once Simon is finally rendered unconscious, Art and Peter call on MIT’s Gerald Hackman to render aid and find a way to save Simon. Even as the outside world frantically tries to find a way to save him, Simon is fighting for his soul and very existence in an empty netherworld against beings of great power, evil and insatiable bloodlust. In the real world, even as Trivane’s men close in on the hospital, battles will be fought that if one or both of which is lost, could spell the end of many lives. But, one thing is sure - blood will be spilled at the hands of the...


"Simon Lynch must now fight for not only his life, but his very soul..."

Chapters and Sections

This section lists all chapters and sections of the book in order.

Part 1 - Occurance

Chapters 1-12

Part 2 - The Voice

Chapters 13-24

Part 3 - Fatal Spirit

Chapters 25-36

Part 4 - Epilogue


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