Mercury Rising: Legends

No. of Seasons:


No. of Episodes:


Pilot Episode:


Finale Episode:


Pilot Airdate:

March 4, 2005

Finale Airdate:


Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: Unknowns

Mercury Rising: Legends is a seven season, one-hundred forty-two episode series that is a spinoff of The Series, which was itself a spinoff of the original 1998 movie Mercury Rising.


In this nation there are three boys whose knowledge could change the world. One of those boys is thirteen year-old Charlie Daniels (Dominic Scott Kay) of NYC, and in August 2005, he joins a special division of the NSA based in Brooklyn after his mother is abducted, but soon goes far beyond his original goal. His guardian at the NSA is the infamous Andrew Ridd (Joshua Jackson), who in 2004 was released from federal prison for cooperation in apprehending his former commander, Robert Donaldson. He now works to reestablish the agency's reputation, all but ruined by Donaldson and his predecessor, the deceased Nicholas Kudrow. Working reluctantly in concert with Ridd is the tenacious Kaitlyn Flannigan (Alicia Coppola), her strong-willed partner Josh Russell (Alimi Ballard), the seemingly unbreakable and semi-rogue 'go-to guy' Warren Iverson (Liev Schreiber), and the 'know it all' analyst T.M. Fisher (Dale Godboldo). As a team, they face threats and risk their lives by the hour and the day to keep the nation from harm and prevent a conspiracy-rife world from achieving its domination...

Main Characters

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