Mercury Rising: The Eighth Day
MR The Eighth Day front cover
Cover of The Eighth Day

Written by:

Peter Horosz


1st edition - July 12, 2022
2nd edition - June 24, 2023

Main Characters:

Simon Lynch, Sr.
Joseph Lynch
Kaitlyn Lynch
Alex Lynch
Simon Lynch
Benjamin Lynch
TJ Jordan
Mary Jordan
Amber Lynch, Jr.
Cara Lolan
Kyle Siebring
Casey Jackson
Simon Jeffries
Simon Lynch, Jr.

Set in:

July - August 2026



Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: Apocalypse Code

Succeeded by:

Mercury Rising: Keyscript

Mercury Rising: The Eighth Day is a novel, and a derivative/continuation of The Series.

Plot Summary

In July 2026, NASA Director Simon Lynch joins a group of former autistics based in New York City, while his wife Kaitlyn and eldest son Joseph meet someone at the Freedom Tower who is very familiar, at the beginning of a stunning paradox perhaps unparallelled in all history and an event that will shatter the bounds of science and even reality itself...


"Sometimes, you can't be sure you're alone in personality..."

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