Mercury Rising: The Martian Paradox
The Martian Paradox
Front cover of Martian Paradox

Written by:

Peter Horosz


1st edition - October 13, 2001
2nd edition - March 11, 2002

Main Characters:

Simon Lynch
Joseph Lynch Jr.
Chris Johnson
Takashi Simuda
Boris Karpov
Peter Lynch
Art Jeffries

Set in:

October 2001
May 2079



Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: 9/11

Succeeded by:

The Series: Season 5

Mercury Rising: The Martian Paradox is a novel, partly based off the original movie, but more of an expansion of The Series.

Plot Summary

Suddenly finding himself on Mars in 2079, Simon Lynch is caught up in a firestorm of events that threaten the very first human colony on the Red Planet.


"The first human colony on the Red Planet may become the last..."

Chapters and Sections

Illustrations and Maps


Part 1 - Unexpected Discovery

Chapters 1-22

Part 2 - Ancient Threat

Chapters 23-55

Part 3 - Precipice

Chapters 56-78

Part 4 - Epilogue



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