Mercury Rising: The Series 2.0

No. of Seasons:


Main Characters:

Joseph Lynch
Benjamin Lynch II
Simon Jeffries
Amber Lynch, Jr. (Season 10)
Amanda Jeffries II
Simon Lynch
Kaitlyn Lynch

First Episode:


Finale Episode:

The Future is Open...

First Episode Airdate:

March 13, 2015

Finale Airdate:

January 29, 2016

DVD Release Date(s):

September 17, 2015
April 14, 2016

HVD Release Date(s):

October 1, 2015
May 5, 2016

Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: The Series

Suceeded by:

Mercury Rising: The Continuing Journey

Mercury Rising: The Series 2.0 is sometimes used to refer to the las two seasons (Season 9 and Season 10) of Mercury Rising: The Series.


Simon Lynch's teenage sons Joseph and Ben, Joseph and Ben's younger uncle Simon Jeffries (SJ), and their sister Amanda Jeffries II are sent on their own journey when they move to Los Angeles after Simon takes a job as Director of NASA JPL. This sets off a new life and adventure for them as they adjust to life in LA, and also deal with problems both typical and atypical for the city. Joseph, SJ, and Amanda also meet Amber Lynch, Jr., daughter of the long-deceased Amber Lynch. They will reunite with friends long-lost, face deadly conspiracies, and come to terms with what the world has truly become since 2012....

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