Mercury Rising: Unknowns




N/A; Special Episode

Original Airdate:

November 10, 2005

Written by:

Peter Horosz

Directed by:



Dominic Scott Kay as Charlie Daniels
Brennan Bailey as Kyle Siebring
Carrie Preston as Emily Lang

DVD Release Date:

December 18, 2005

Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: Infection - Earth

Succeeded by:

Legends: Season 1
Mercury Rising: Changing Times

Mercury Rising: Unknowns is the fourth and final special episode of Mercury Rising: The Series.


It is June 2005, and Simon Lynch has just completed and survived a journey of many lifetimes. Now, with no major crisis to deal with, Simon calls in a long overdue favor from the NSA, specifically Division - to distribute an updated MERCURY puzzle throughout the United States and much of the world in an attempt to reveal new 'breakers' (savants like Simon). In an agreement mediated by none other than Emily Lang, chief cryptographer of Division and former girlfriend of the deceased Leo Pedranski, the distribution begins in earnest. Within only two weeks, the first call comes in, from Chicago of all places - a thirteen year-old videogame and comic book addict with Asperger syndrome named Charlie Daniels, who, despite his habits, maintains straight A's in school. Simon soons visits Charlie to tell him the truth of his gift and the contributions he could make to not only national security, but the world at large. In the next month, a half-dozen calls come in, from the UK to Russia, confirming that Simon is not alone after all. But, when Charlie's mother is abducted and the families of the others are threatened, they begin to lose faith in what is trying to be accomplished, which may be exactly what someone wants...


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