Mike James

Full Name:

Michael James, Jr.


June 18, 1983 (Age 16)




Michael James, Sr.
Heather James


Dylan James

Portrayed by:

Brendan Fehr

Michael James, Jr., also known as Mike James or simply Mike is the son and oldest child of Michael James, Sr. and Heather James, and older brother of Dylan James. Mike is one of Peter Lynch's best friends, and has been since his family brought Peter in to live with them in January 1993. On June 8, 1998, Peter debated with Mike on whether or not to take action against his younger brother, Simon Lynch, who had gone on an insane near-rampage against Peter at their house on 2144 West 23rd Street three days earlier. From this point on, Mike stuck with whatever Peter decided to do, even if it meant killing Simon. On February 12, 1999, Mike struck Simon unconscious as he was waiting for Art Jeffries to pick him up from his school, giving the boy a minor concussion. On March 8, Mike was heavily involved in keeping an eye on Simon as Peter and Justin Tao set off the "L" attack, which included tailing Simon, Art Jeffries, Kollin Redar, and Simon's cousins Jesse and Jake at O'Hare, as well as infiltrating 4948 North Natchez Avenue while Simon was alone there using the home's computer to ID the source of the virus that initiated "L" attack. Mike quickly returned to the West Madison Sears Warehouse to prepare for the impending FBI and CPD assault that resulted in he, Peter, and Justin evacuating the building momemts before it was destroyed by a pair of Apache gunships from Scott AFB. A few days later, the day before Simon's birthday, Mike posed as a technician at Midway Airport in order to gain access to Harry Johnson's charter helicopter, on which he placed a small charge near the tail rotor. He was also responsible for setting off the Meigs Field hangar blast on March 13 that sent Kollin Redar into a three-week coma and put Simon and Jeffries under the boot of US Attorney Angelo Breem. Mike was loyal to Peter as much as a brother, but along with Justin Tao decided that enough was enough with their actions against Simon, which made them all the more relieved when Peter independently decided to end their fight and turn himself in to the FBI on April 4, at which point Mike and Justin went underground, and haven't been seen since.







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