Nano-cancer disintegration in Alternity is a type of medical therapy (commonly abbreviated NCD therapy) utilizing nanites that targets and destroys malignant cancer tissue cells throughout the human body, as well as enhancing the resilience of tumor-suppressing genes. It was first patented by United Global Industries (UGI)'s thirty-one year-old CEO Charles Byrnes in May 1978, and was hailed worldwide as a definitive cure for the dreaded condition, the event that would help make Byrnes one of the world's richest and powerful men by 1997. In September 1988, as Benjamin Lynch became increasingly ill with lung cancer, his father, Martin, requested that the medical staff of Northwestern Memorial Hospital perform an NCD on his dying son, but they were unable to, as the cancer hadn't been diagnosed in time, and had simply progressed too far for even NCD to have a measurable effect.

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