State of New England
Alternity New England, State flag
Flag of the State of New England



Largest City:

(1997 pop. 198,000)
(1997 metro area pop. 206,000)

Other Cities:



2,178,000 (1997 census)


March 8, 1816 (19th)

ISPS Abbreviation:



The Atlantic State

New England is a state that extends from just off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States to the Mid-Atlantic, comprising of seven main islands, and multiple smaller islands. It derives its name from the New England Region of Massachusetts, the closest area of which, Nantucket Island, is approximately 276 miles northwest of Balanus Island, an active volcano. It shares maritime borders with the US state of Massachusetts to the northwest, Bermuda to the south, and Quebec's North Island to the north-northeast. First settled by English Puritans in 1634, New England's seven main islands remained sparsely populated until 1774, when the British military established major encampments at the settlements of Buell on modern-day Nashville Island, and New Bristol on the modern-day Allegheny Island. After a series of skirmishes with American guerrillas over a four-year period, the British were forced to abandon the islands altogether in July 1779 when a French and Spanish fleet bombarded the main British encampment at Fort George on Allegheny in support of the American Revolution, allowing a small force of Continental Army troops under General Robert Kelvin (for whom the capital was named) to occupy the islands on July 28. Despite its relative proximity to the East Coast, settlers were sparse, and due to its volcanic activity as well as relatively rugged terrain and remoteness, the islands remained unorganized until its admission to the Union as the 19th state on March 8, 1816.

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