Nicholas Kudrow
Now Kudrow knows...
Kudrow learns of the deciphering of MERCURY

Full Name:

Nicholas Alexander Kudrow


June 11, 1959


June 12, 1998 (Age 39)






Charlene Kudrow

Portrayed by:

Alec Baldwin

Nicholas Alexander Kudrow, better known as simply Kudrow, was head of the MERCURY project, husband of Charlene Kudrow, and commander of the NSA department known as Division. Kudrow was the immediate superior of Dean Crandell and Leo Pedranski, and on June 5, 1998, upon learning that Simon Lynch had deciphered the original MERCURY code - which Pedranski and Crandell had created as well as costing over $2 billion - ordered the boy's elimination at the hands of his second-in-command, Peter Burrell. He later had Burrell murder Crandell and Pedranski, after Crandell revealed the code's existence to FBI Special Agent Art Jeffries in Chicago on June 9, and once Pedranski wrote his letters to Jeffries and the Senate Oversight Committee at his apartment in Washington, D.C. late that same night. Posing as US Marshal with Witness Protection, Kudrow attempted to thwart Jeffries' plans by taking over custody of Lynch from Stacey Siebring at the GEX Skydeck of the IBM Building on June 12, but was double-crossed by Jeffries. After a wrestling fight with Jeffries, Kudrow almost killed Simon by making a last-ditch attempt to drag the boy over the building's edge, but Jeffries ended up killing Kudrow instead, shooting him and sending his body plummeting to the building lobby, fifty-two stories below. Kudrow held the military rank of Lt. Colonel.









  • Kudrow is portrayed by Alec Baldwin, who was born on April 3, 1958.
  • Kudrow and Simon Lynch are the only main characters whose names are the same as their counterparts in Simple Simon.

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