Quebec (nation)
Alternity Quebec, 1997
Map of Quebec's extent as of June 1997


Declared on July 14, 1956
Recognized on September 23, 1963

Population (in 1997) :


Major Wars:

World War II (1939-1947) [pre-independence]
Canadian Civil War (1956-1963)

Prime Minister:

Jacqués Couvéis (1997-Present)


Quebec City (1997 pop. 490,700)

Largest City:

Montreal (1997 pop. 1,450,000)

Other Cities:

Ottawa (1997 pop. 800,000)
Iqualuit (1997 pop. 10,000)
Coral Harbour (1997 pop. 6,345)

The Republic of Quebec (French: Québec) is a federal parliamentary republic, consisting of nine provinces and multiple territories, located mainly on the Labrador Peninsula of North America. The nation controls approximately 1/3 of the heavily disputed Baffin Island of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, the other 2/3 are controlled by Greenland and Canada, respectively. Quebec shares its borders with the US states of Erie, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine to the south, Canada to the north and west, and Greenland to the north on Baffin Island. It also shares maritime borders with the United States in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, north of Maine, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia, as well as North Island of the New England Islands, the only one of the archipelago not controlled by the US. The inhabitants of Quebec are referred to as either Quebecers or Québécois.

The nation declared its independence from Canada on July 14, 1956, initiaing the Canadian Civil War, eventually resulting in the defeat of Canadian forces and the recognition of Quebec as a nation by the US, Britain, the also-newly founded nation of Cascadia, and most other world nations by September 1963. Major reasons for the war were the intense corruption in the recently-independent Canadian government, heavy taxes and the predominantly French inhabitation of the region.

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