Roy McOwen

Full Name:

Roy Charles McOwen


Unknown; assumed 1964 (Age 35)







Portrayed by:

Mark Valley

Roy Charles McOwen, referred to by his friends as just Roy, is a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. McOwen first broke the story on the Lynch murders late on June 7, and further pursued it the next day, when he phoned the local FBI field office for information on Art Jeffries, who he wanted to interview. His phone conversation with the FBI was recorded and heard by NSA Division sector's Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow and Peter Burrell, at which point Burrell determined McOwen to not be a significant threat, though for what reason Burrell came to this conclusion is not known. Two of McOwen's friends and co-workers at the Sun-Times are Sandra Carter and Jake Blain, both of whom have worked for the paper since McOwen first joined in 1985.

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