Scott Smith

Full Name:

Scott Myron Smith


August 19, 1954


March 5, 1999 (Age 44)






Katharine Smith


Simon Lynch (foster)

Portrayed by:

Robert Beltran

Scott Myron Smith, most commonly referred to as simply Scott, was the husband of Katharine Smith and foster father of Simon Lynch. Born in 1954, Scott married twenty-four year-old Katharine Bryans in June 1988, who was ten years his younger. When they finally decided to have children ten years later, they prepared by taking in Simon Lynch on June 26, 1998, who had been sent into the foster system a week prior, to give them experience in raising a child of their own. On returning to Chicago from a business meeting in Grand Rapids with Katharine and Simon early on February 1, 1999, Simon was stricken by his first chaos seizure, at which point Scott made the decision to take the boy to specialist Chas Ohlmeyer's office at the Miglin-Beitler Skyneedle instead of a city hospital, seeing as how neither he nor Katharine knew what was happening to Simon. On February 7, their home at 2552 'J' Street was the scene of a skirmish between a strike team sent by Robert Donaldson's Zero Section and an FBI SWAT team from the local field office, of which the Zero Section team were attempting to capture and kill Simon. Scott and Katharine were returning across the Lake Michigan Overpass from yet another business trip on March 5 when they were killed by the Zero Section-orchestrated bombing of the bridge's Chicago Span by Andrew Ridd and Will Patterson.






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