Shayes searching train
Shayes searching for Simon and Jeffries on the O'Hare Blue Line early on June 8, 1998.

Full Name:



Unknown; assumed 1953


June 8, 1998 (Age 45)





Portrayed by:

Peter Stormare

Shayes was an agent of the NSA's Division sector, under the command of Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow. Little is known of him, other than that he drove Peter Burrell's getaway car from the alley behind 2144 West 23rd Street, after Burrell killed Martin and Jenny Lynch on June 7, 1998. Shayes died in the dark morning hours of June 8 on the O'Hare "L" Blue Line when, after boarding the train, he tracked down Simon Lynch, who former FBI Special Agent Art Jeffries was guarding. He soon engaged in a bloody fight with Jeffries between two of the train cars, landing several blows and slamming Jeffries' head against the train, but, Jeffries quickly managed to gain the upper hand and threw Shayes from the train onto the opposite track, seconds before another train passed over that track.

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