Simon Lynch
Simon Lynch
Gender Male
First Appearance Alternity
Last Appearance Alternity
Cause/Reason Breaking 'the Code' of NSA's Division
Born March 12, 1988
Died June 6, 1997 (Aged 9)
Cause of Death Shot by sniper and assassin Andrew Striker
Parents Martin Lynch
Jenny Lynch
Sibling(s) Benjamin Lynch
Peter Lynch
Grandparents William Lynch
Martha Lynch
Aunts and Uncles Daniel Lynch (Uncle)

Simon John Lynch, referred to as just Simon was the son of Martin and Jenny Lynch, as well as the younger brother of Peter Lynch, and older twin of Benjamin Lynch. He was killed by sniper and assassin Andrew Striker on June 6, 1997, a man who was employed by the NSA and under the purview of as well as second-in-command to Colonel Nicholas Kudrow, the commander of Division.

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