Simple Simon

Directed by

Francis Lawrence

Produced by

Brian Grazer
Karen Kehela

Written by

Lawrence Konner
Ryne Douglas Pearson


Ty Simpkins
Joshua Jackson
Kevin Bacon

Music by

James Newton Howard

Release Date

April 9, 2010


Universal Pictures


$85 million


$778 million

Followed by

Simple Simon 2.0

"This security is not worth the price..."

Simple Simon is a 2010 action-thriller film, starring Ty Simpkins, Joshua Jackson, and Kevin Bacon. Described as "...a modern reinvention of the classic 1998 Mercury Rising...", the movie was somewhat more closely based on Ryne Douglas Pearson's 1996 novel Simple Simon, namely with Pearson being co-screenwriter. As opposed to prior installments, the film is set in modern times.

Plot Summary

April 2010. Twelve year-old autistic savant Simon Lynch lives a life of relative peace with his working-class parents Martin and Jean in Chicago's West Side. FBI Special Agent Art Jefferson has recently risen to A-SAC of the Bureau's Chicago field office after a landmark case against the local mob. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow of the NSA's COMSEC-Z (Communications Security) department has just achieved a highmark in his career with the release and installation of his cryptographers' newest government security code ('Kiwi') across all federal agencies. But, Simon has accidentally deciphered a page of Kiwi hidden in a crossword/puzzle magazine and calls a number he finds in it - a number that leads straight back to COMSEC-Z in Maryland. Simon's fate is now swept into and intertwined with that of Kudrow and Jefferson in a twisted manhunt led by Kudrow's men, and even crosses with a beautiful and deadly Japanese assassin. With a now falsely discredited Jefferson as Simon's only protection after the boy's parents are murdered, with time running out, and on the run, Jefferson is left to call in old favors from far and wide. But when his sister Anna is wrongfully imprisoned, he realizes that he'll have to use Simon's special ability to gain an advantage against Kudrow before the boy - the world's most brilliant and innocent child - disappears forever, a victim of one of the most elaborate coverups in history...


Main Cast

  • Ty Simpkins as Simon Lynch
  • Joshua Jackson as Art Jefferson
  • Kevin Bacon as Nicholas Kudrow
  • Grace Park as Keiko Kimura
  • TBA as Michael Bell
  • TBA as Anna Jefferson
  • Terry O'Quinn as Nelson Van Horn
  • TBA as Leo Pedanski
  • TBA as Craig Dean
  • Jason Alexander as Vikram Patel
  • Robert Costanzo as Angelo Breem
  • Bill Cobbs as Pooks Underhill



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