A special agent is an agent of the United States' government that, in the course of their duties, investigates crimes throughout the nation and abroad (if necessary). Many federal agencies utilize special agents, including the FBI, NSA, CIA, and NCIS, while highest-ranking personnel of these organizations within a local area such as a city are referred to as a Special Agent in Charge, or SAC, while the second highest-ranking agent, or supervisor of the region is called an Assistant Special Agent in Charge, or A-SAC. Special agents can also be employed in undercover operations against threats foreign and domestic alike as well. Notable special agents include Art Jeffries, Tommy Jordan, Joe Lomax, and Francis Blake of the FBI field office in Chicago (of which Lomax and Jordan are SAC and A-SAC, respectively), and Peter Burrell, John Burrell, Andrew Ridd and Shayes of the rogue Division and Zero Section departments of the NSA.

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