Steven Culp

Full Name:



December 3, 1955




Thirteen Days (2000) - Robert Kennedy
Mercury Rising: The Series (2001-02) - Tom Davis (fictionally)
24 (2003) - Ted Simmons (3 episodes)
Star Trek: Enterprise (2003-04) - Major Hayes (5 episodes)
Stargate: Atlantis (2007) - Henry Wallace (1 episode)
Impact (2009) - Edward Taylor
Mercury Rising 2: Final Stand (2011) - Tom Davis (fictionally)

Steven Culp is a American actor, born in 1955 in La Jolla, California. He is fairly well-known actor, but does more TV show roles than movie roles, and as such, his role as Robert F. Kennedy 2000's Thirteen Days is the only one of his movie appearances listed on here. He fictionally portrays NORAD General Tom Davis in Mercury Rising: The Series. He has appeared in numerous, (real) TV shows, with Star Trek: Enterprise, 24, and Stargate: Atlantis among them.

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