TJ Jordan
TJ greeting Simon
TJ greeting Simon early on June 8, 1998.

Full Name:

Thomas Jordan, Jr.


April 17, 1989 (Age 10)




Tommy and Dana Jordan


Tori Jordan

Portrayed by:

Matt Levert

Thomas Jordan, Jr., usually referred to as TJ, is the first and oldest child of Tommy and Dana Jordan, and older brother of Tori Jordan. Though probably used to seeing Art Jeffries - a good friend of his father Tommy - on occasion, TJ met then-nine year-old Simon Lynch in the early morning hours of June 8, 1998, when Jeffries took refuge in the Jordan home after killing NSA Division agent Shayes on the O'Hare "L" Blue Line. TJ's mother Dana loaned a set of his clothes to Simon, and though he protested, Dana convinced her son to relent. In a surprising turn, TJ decided to let Simon have those clothes permanently, seeing as how Simon was likely in a bad situation. TJ came to Simon's 10th birthday party at Jeffries' apartment on March 12, 1999, buying Simon a DVD copy of his favorite movie. On June 28, hours after Simon's kidnapping by Zero Section, Jeffries and Tommy met Dana and TJ at Navy Pier for lunch, during which TJ expressed his exhaustion at listening to his one month-old baby sister Tori cry early in the morning.







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