The Conflict (1998-2004)
Simon-MERCURY incident collage

June 5, 1998


July 18, 2004


United States


'Protector' victory; Death of Simon Lynch averted

  • Zero Section dissolved
  • NSA loses funds and reputation
  • Simon Lynch gains international reputation and recognition

'The Protectors'
US Army and USAF

Rogue NSA
Zero Section
Various militia groups


Special Agent Art Jeffries
Simon Lynch
A-SAC Tommy Jordan
SAC Joe Lomax (deceased, 2003)
Pvt. Peter Lynch (Army Pvt. from Dec. 2003)

Lt. Col. Nicholas Kudrow (deceased, 1998)
Col. Robert Donaldson
Maj. James Striker
John Burrell
Senator James Richards (deceased, 2001)


Over 20,000 FBI agents and personnel
2500 US Army and Air Force personnel
1100 USAF and ANG combat and transport aircraft

Up to 30,000 militia
1700 Zero Section agents and personnel
Around 120 private/transport and military aircraft


537 FBI agents
197 FBI personnel
423 US Army troops
37 USAF personnel
10 USAF combat/transport aircraft
3 (possibly 4) ANG aircraft

5400 militia
545 Zero Section agents
220 Zero Section personnel
14 private/transport aircraft
19 combat aircraft


The Conflict was an unofficially declared conflict or 'war' of sorts between the FBI and various rogue elements of the National Security Agency, including Nicholas Kudrow's Division in June of 1998, and Robert Donaldson's Zero Section from 1999 to 2004. The main focus of the conflict was young Simon Lynch, whose accidental discovery and deciphering of Nicholas Kudrow's orginal MERCURY code on June 5, 1998 set off Nicholas Kudrow's death warrant on the boy, for Kudrow's fear was that enemies of the United States would gain access to Lynch's unique mental abilities. This effectively triggered the beginning of The Conflict, which rapidly escalated when FBI Special Agent Art Jeffries became involved and discovered the depths of Kudrow's organization and uncovered the truth of his conspiracy to kill Simon Lynch. The next year, the USAF was drawn into the conflict when three F-16s were deployed from Scott AFB in southern Illinois to force down a Zero Section 727 of the former Eastwind Airlines. The Air National Guard (ANG) was also brought into the conflict a few month later when a series of F-23s from Lambert-St. Louis Airport in Missouri and Memphis Airport in Tennessee were assigned to track a Zero Section C-130 holding Simon Lynch hostage on June 28, 1999. ANG F-20s were scrambled and tasked with a show of force against a militia group rallied by Zero Section agents near Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks of North Carolina the next day.

Background (1989-1997)

Seen by some as the beginning stages of The Conflict, these events aren't typically included in its main timeline.

'Blackburn' (1989)

The Conflict (1998-2004)

Events below are seen as the beginning and full course of The Conflict, which lasted a total of six years.

The Lynch-MERCURY Incident (1998)

Main Article: Lynch-MERCURY Incident

This event, dubbed as the Lynch-MERCURY Incident, marks the initial flashpoint and beginning of The Conflict, in which then-nine year-old Simon Lynch's abilities were brought to light for the first time, and which, to the surprise of some, gave Nicholas Kudrow his greatest and final challenge.

  • June 5 -
  • June 6 -
  • June 7 -
  • June 8 -
  • June 9 -
  • June 10 -
  • June 11 -
  • June 12 -

(Note: Events of a vast majority of June 8 are currently unknown.)

A New Threat Rises (1999)

The J Street Incident

Main Article: J Street Incident

Critical Period

The 1st Abduction

Main Article: The 1st Abduction

LMO Destroyed

The 2nd Abduction

Main Article: The 2nd Abduction

Zero Section Revealed

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