The Illinois
The Illinois, 2017
The Illinois shortly after its completion in 2017


1200 W. Madison, Chicago, Illinois




2013 - 2017

Construction start:

March 12, 2013


5,280 feet (1609 m)

Floor count:


First Appearance:

Mercury Rising: 2012

The Illinois, also known as the Mile-High Illinois, is a hypertall skyscraper, located in Chicago, Illinois at 1200 W. Madison Street. Though there were originally a large grouping of apartments and homes in the area, they were deemed too heavily damaged by the 2012 Chicago 'quake and were demolished, making way for the construction of The Illinois. Originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1956, The Illinois was more of a whimsical idea than a serious one, until after 2012 that is.

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