The Series: Season 10

No. of Episodes:


Main Characters:

Joseph Lynch
Benjamin Lynch II
Simon Jeffries
Amber Lynch, Jr.
Amanda Jeffries II
Kaitlyn Lynch
Simon Lynch

First Episode:

Codex of Blood

Finale Episode:

The Future is Open...

First Episode Airdate:

September 25, 2015

Finale Airdate:

January 29, 2016

DVD Release Date:

April 14, 2016

HVD Release Date:

May 5, 2016

Preceded by:

Season 9

Suceeded by:

Mercury Rising: The Continuing Journey

The Series: Season 10 is the tenth and final season of Mercury Rising: The Series, and the second and final season of Mercury Rising: The Series 2.0. It is also the only season with an odd-number of episodes (17).


1. Codex of Blood - A mysterious murder in Hancock Park sends Joseph, Ben, and SJ to the scene after the victim is identified as one of their school friends, but the crime follows a pattern all-too familiar to Joseph and Ben's father Simon, and may be linked to a man who has been dead for the better part of twenty years...

2. Codex of Legend - Someone from Simon's deep, dark past looks to have risen from the grave after his death nearly twenty years ago, and Simon attempts a search of his memories for details he may have missed in his past encounters with the man, while Joseph is contacted by a former drug dealer, identifying the man, eerily familiar to Simon...

3. Mount Green - A swarm of seismic activity signals the reawakening of a volcano that formed in the city foothills in 2012 threatens the lives of thousands. And after Amanda and SJ go missing, Joseph, Ben, and Amber are thrown in a race against time to find them, especially after Kaitlyn and Simon find that they're missing...

4. Live Fire - Ben and SJ are trapped on San Clemente Island after they are abducted and dumped there in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Simon races to find the missing boys before the Navy begins a live-fire exercise, which could very well destroy much of the island...

5. Database -

6. Thirteen Days -

7. Omega -

8. The Finest Hour -

9. The Final Hour -


11. Overload -

12. On the Edge

13. Rogue -

14. What Is -

15. Shockwave -

16. Exhale -

17. The Future is Open... - When Simon announces to his family that they're moving first back to Chicago for a few months then New York, they prepare to bid L.A. a fond farewell, as they face an enemy that was supposed to be dead years ago. But, even if this enemy is defeated, the future is still open....

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