Troubled Darkness






Season 2

Original Airdate:

January 28, 2000

Written by:

Peter Horosz

Directed by:



Matt Levert as TJ Jordan
Lisa Summerour as Dana Jordan

Preceded by:

The Real Y2K

Succeeded by:

All or None

Troubled Darkness is the twelfth episode of the second season of Mercury Rising: The Series.


Jeffries and Tommy must avoid a series of deadly traps while searching for Simon and T.J. when they are kidnapped by a mob boss the day after New Years', while Stacey attempts to reconcile an issue between her parents.


The Series: Season 2 The Series
Episodes: "A Big Puzzle, Part 2""Marked""Simon is Going Home...""Verführen Hirn""Dangers of the Yukon""'1÷=2'""Lessons of Conscience""New Business, Part 1"
"New Business, Part 2""The Real Y2K""Troubled Darkness""All or None""A Choice""Flashes""Leadership, Part 1""Leadership, Part 2"

Main Characters: Simon LynchArt JeffriesStacey SiebringTommy JordanPeter LynchRobert DonaldsonJames StrikerJoe Lomax (credited as "also starring")

Recurring: RukaskiRob LomaxJohn BurrellAndrew RiddWill PattersonJesse LynchJake LynchChas OhlmeyerTJ JordanMike JamesDana Jordan
Angelo Breem

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