Will Patterson

Full Name:

William Charles Patterson


Unknown; assumed 1967 (Age 32)







Portrayed by:

David Conrad

William Charles Patterson, also known as simply Will Patterson, or just Patterson, is an agent of Colonel Robert Donaldson's Zero Section. He is a crucial member of Major James Striker's - Donaldson's second-in-command - assault team, and takes command of the team when Striker isn't available, holding the military rank of Sergeant. Patterson informed Keiko Kimura - a hired assassin from Japan - of her meeting with rookie agent Conner Jameson at 7 South Dearborn in Chicago on February 7, 1999, hours after Zero Section's attempted raid on 2552 J Street, and was a member of the team that kidnapped Simon Lynch on March 4 from Midway Airport aboard a former Eastwind Airlines 727. Patterson was also, along with Andrew Ridd, responsible for the deaths of Scott and Katharine Smith on March 5, when they detonated a series of high-explosive bombs along the Chicago Span of the Lake Michigan Overpass, as well as being re-deployed to Chicago during the storm of April 3. Patterson's hometown is Columbus, Ohio.

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