World War III

July 12, 2007


August 20, 2009


North America, Europe, Asia


Allied victory

  • NSR dissolved, Russian Federation restored
  • China becomes a longstanding US and NATO ally
  • Nuclear weapons prohibited in warfare

United States of America
People's Republic of China
Republic of Brazil

Tehran Pact:
New Soviet Republic (NSR)
Islamic Republic of Iran
Democratic People's Republic of Korea


US President Arnold Williams
US President Jonathan Tomson
NATO Secretary General Jaap Scheffer
PRC President Hu Jintao
Maj. General Tom Davis

NSR Premier Nicholas Gorbaunov
Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei
Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iran Vice-President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi
DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il
Osama bin Ladan


27,309,455 troops
11,450 combat and transport/utility aircraft
2568 naval craft

35,108,000 troops
4950 combat and transport/utility aircraft
1600 naval craft


4,234,890 killed
6,700,000 wounded
450,000 missing
978 combat and utility aircraft
689 naval craft (Notable: USS Texas (BB-74)

7,500,450 killed
10,890,000 wounded
1,023,000 missing
1,090 combat and utility aircraft
902 naval craft


World War III, commonly abbreviated WWIII or WW3, was a globe-spanning military conflict between the Allies (United States, NATO, China, Brazil) and the Tehran Pact forces (New Soviet Republic [NSR], Iran, North Korea) that lasted two years, from the NSR's sneak air attack on Ukraine and Kazakhstan on July 12, 2007 to the signing of the Warsaw Treaty by the newly reestablished Russian Federation, Iran, and North Korea on August 20, 2009. The war had been expected throughout the Cold War but had never come, and with the 21st century, many believed the threat of another world war, let alone nuclear war was absurd. The NSR's creation through a coup against President Putin in the summer of 2007, led by Defense Minister Nicholas Gorbaunov, changed global perspectives on war, and with the NSR sneak attacks on Ukraine and Kazakhstan on July 12 led to a NATO declaration of war on the NSR after Ukraine requested NATO intervention on their behalf. Lasting just over two years, the war inflicted 11,735,340 military casualties alone on both sides, and nearly 4,000,000 civilian casualties through a brief nuclear exchange between the NSR and France, and the destruction of Astana, Kazakhstan by al-Qaeda through use of a series of NSR-supplied tactical nuclear weapons.

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